Racesports has been around since ~1987, when I was about 13, living in Maine.  It was a name I came up with for my "racing conglomerate" of companies.  It was inspired by Jim Trueman's Truesports racing team.    Unfortunately, when it came time to formally do something with a company and name, it was already spoken for (and not being used by the way).  So I at least have the racesports .net and .org domains and still use the name "internally".

My Associate's Degree (~1994) required a several stage report on a business.  I did "Racesports Automotive".  A company that catered to road racers and autocrossers.  It provided parts and accessories, as well as had rental garages available.  The property also was designed with a large paved area, to host autocross events for local car clubs.  I think I still have the reports on disk somewhere, perhaps I will post them sometime!

Meanwhile, here are some early drawings of "Racesports sponsored" activities!